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Lindacher gives legal advice to skilled workers from non-EU-countries

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The work permit Germany for foreigners is always a much discussed topic. Unfortunately, there used to be high barriers of entry into the domestic labor market, especially for skilled workers from outside the EU. It is therefore important to have that kind of residence permit, that allows to work in Germany.

In order to attract skilled workers to the EU, a lot has already been made easier and liberalized in recent years. Thus, for certain occupational groups, there are simplified procedures and also numerous exceptions to begin a work in Germany. On the contrary to to unskilled or low-skilled workers the hurdles for academic specialists have been lowered further.

Work permit Germany

“Blue Card” as a Work Permit Germany for university graduate

In August 2012, the “Blue Card EUˮ, also called blue card, was introduced for academics with recognized university degrees. You are legally entitled to an EU Blue Card if you hold a German degree or a foreign degree which is recognised in Germany and have received a concrete job offer, and providing you earn a minimum of € 56,800 gross per year. Then, no permission from the Federal Employment Office is needed.

Simplified rules applied to computer scientists, mathematicians and physicians and doctors of the human medicine at a reduced minimum annual gross salary of 44,304 Euros (Status 2021). In addition to scientists and specialists.

Furthermore, access to so-called shortage professions has also been made easier. In this way, professionally qualified foreigners, such as nurses, can be hired without a prioritisation verification from the Federal Employment Office, if their qualifications are equivalent to those of a German skilled worker.

It is not easy for foreigners to understand all this, as they are directly confronted with german labor law. Lawyer Lindacher therefore advises foreign skilled workers on their way into the German labor market in order to pave the way for their career in Germany.

A Very Special Case:

Currently, we can report from our Indian client Avan S. Although he had completed high-quality education as an IT-specialist in the Indian “Silicon Valley” Bangalore and had also gained several years of professional experience there, there were problems with a residence permit. Avan actually had a hiring commitment from an IT- company in North Rhine Westphalia, but he received a rejecting decision from the Foreigners’ Authority and the Federal Employment Office. Through friends he became aware of Lawyer Lindacher, a specialist in German labor law.

Because our client speaks better English than German, we advised him in English and shed light on his case from all sides. Was it due to his qualification – or was there any other reason why the authorities have responded negatively. The problem was: The clock was ticking and action had to be taken quickly because labor law for foreigners often sets tight time limits.

Therefore contact us quickly and in time, f you are a foreign professional seeking legal advice.

We have succeeded:

After a thorough examination of his documents and consultations with his potential employer we took his case and examined the situation from a variety of perspectives. In the end, we found a combination of two open problems that needed to be solved: At first glance, the salary was more than 44,303 Euros, but this figure included benefits in kind and services that were not recognized by the authorities. Moreover, his qualification certificates were also not complete.

For this reason – together with our client – we initiated contact with his future employer and all parties involved at an early stage and achieved a reallocation of the benefits in kind to his salary. We were also able to close the additional gaps in the proof of his studies with the help of the Employment Agency in Germany, which cleared Avan’s way for employment in Germany.

That’s what labor law specialist Lindacher says

Rechtsanwalt Lindacher: “Cases don’t always resolve as quickly as they did for our client Avan. Getting help from an employment law specialist in good time is therefore worthwhile for more and more professionals whose matter is urgent. Whether in German or English: We advise you with all our experience, which we have gained in cooperation with foreign specialists of larger companies.”

We will examine your situation in a joint discussion – also in English.

Call us immediately: Telephone: +49 (0) 89 / 53 868 200

Yours, Thies Lindacher
Labor law specialist

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